About Us

Imperial College of Health and Allied Sciences offers a respected and recognized curriculum in Tanzania which prepares students for their better career in future life. We understand that Health College selection for one’s Students is a peculiar matter in many families and that this (ICHAS) official Website provides suitable and relevant information which will guide parents and guardians as to where they should take their students for better education.

One of the most important decisions you will face as a parent, guardian or sponsor is the choice of school for your children. Imperical College Of Health and Allied Science (ICHAS) is proud of being in the provision of educational services in Zanzibar;   we are passionate about the education for all of our enrolled students, making us a choice for highly committed families. We are highly and strongly dedicated to the development of our students in academic, social and spiritual levels.Imperial College Of Health and Allied Sciences offers a warm and nurturing environment where parents, students and teachers work as a one team in order to reach our educational goals we have set. Parents, guardians and sponsors are always welcomed to visit our offices and be able to take a tour at Kisauni campus and observe how best our learning environments are for the better future of their children.


Establish conducive, innovative, modernize and sustainable training center that addresses the demand of stakeholders at their relevant levels with respect to the domain of learning in social and health sciences.


To support community to explore, develop, and engage in innovative learning experiences in a supportive and inclusive environment

Our Team

Excellent staff and innovative teaching methods deliver truly world-class student experiences.  Our expertise in translating biomedical discoveries into clinical practice benefits patients worldwide.

Mr:Iddi A Iddi

Executive Director

Salum Juma Mohammed 

Member Board Of Director 

Dr:Omar Dadi Shajak

Council Chairperson 

Mr:Ibrahim Juma Mohamed

Chairperson Board Of Director